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Talk & Save makes it easy to check your savings and your long distance calls.

Talk & Save uses its comparison service to analyze your long distance calls. The first page of your usage summary compares how much your calls for the month would have cost based on the 3 plans compared (including your own) and calculates your 10% discount.

Under the Summary section, you see a complete accounting of the charges applied to your account and applicable taxes.

Your Talk & Save Account Number provides ready access to your account when you call us.
Total cost of your long distance calls under each of the plans we compare.
The lowest cost plan for this month is automatically selected. This may change from month to month depending on where and when you make your calls.
We calculate your 10% discount every month.
The total amount that has been billed to your account.
Watch here for special promotions and important messages about Talk & Save.
Details of every long distance call you made and what each would have cost you under the three pre-selected plans.
If applicable, plan fee and network charge associated with each of the three pre-selected plans. We have taken these into account when calculating your savings. We do not charge these fees when you don't use long distance during a given month.
Details of every call you made with your Talk & Save calling card and/or wireless long distance service and what each one cost.
Notes to subscribers.