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The Talk & Save program helps customers save no matter what their long distance needs are. With so many long distance plans available on the market, Talk & Save chooses the best one for you.


Talk & Save is Flexible.
It prices all calls made in a given month using 3 popular plans from Rogers, Primus and your Provincial Phone company1. It then compares the cost against these three plans and picks the one that saves you the most AND gives you an additional 10% discount! You can even include your current plan in the comparison2.

It doesn’t matter what your calling patterns are or where the calls are made since each month the lowest cost plan is the one you pay, with an additional 10% discount.

Talk & Save has Great Features.
In addition to the Talk & Save savings, you can also take advantage of:

  • 30 FREE long distance minutes from your Wireless phone each month;
  • Personal Toll Free numbers;
  • No monthly fees if there are no calls placed in a given month;
  • Fast and friendly customer service;
  • 24/7 access to your statement online.

Talk & Save is Easy to Use.
The transfer of service is done automatically.
There are no extra digits to dial — you can make your long distance calls as usual. There are no costs to enroll and no contracts to sign, and your usage is conveniently billed to your account.