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Old Long Distance Program

These plans are NO LONGER available for new enrollment. They have been replaced by the Rate and Compare service.

Talk & Save’s Rate and Compare Service makes saving money as easy as using your phone!
We compare the costs from three competitive long distance plans and then give you the lowest cost plan with an additional 10% discount.

You can easily transfer your existing plan to the Rate and Compare program by calling customer service, toll free, at 1-888-412-2228.

Plans’ Features

3.9 Plan:
3.9¢ per minute anytime to Canada and the U.S. with competitive international rates.

Talk 1000
1000 minutes of talk time anytime to Canada and the U.S., each month with competitive international rates.

Global Plan
7.9¢ per minute anytime to Canada and the U.S. with very competitive international rates.

These plans also include:

  • Free cellular long distance minutes to Canada and the U.S.4
  • Toll-free numbers for your home at 7.9¢ per minutes for incoming calls.
  • Calling Cards available at a rate of only 15¢ per minute, 24/7, to anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
  • No plan fees or network fees if there is no long distance usage in a month.


TALK & SAVE Plans Rate to Can/US Anytime Overseas/International Rates Monthly Fee+ Toll Free Rate Cellular Long Distance Rate4 to Canada-US
3.9 Plan 3.9¢/min. Competitive $1.95 7.9¢/min. 30 FREE trial minutes, then 5¢/min.
Talk 1000 1,000 minutes incuded Competitive $15.95 7.9¢/min. 50 minutes FREE each month, then 5¢/min.
Global 7.9¢/min. Very Competitive None 7.9¢/min. 30 FREE trial minutes, then 5¢/min.

+ A $3.95 network charge applies to all plans. Rates and services are subject to applicable taxes.