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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I get the Wireless Long Distance service without a home phone?
The 30 FREE minutes per month is only applicable to those customers who have an active home phone registered with Talk & Save.

If you do not have a home phone, you can also take advantage of our Wireless 100 program, where you get 100 minutes of wireless long distance calling for only $4.95. Additional minutes are only 5¢. Simply call 1-888-475-5522 to register your wireless number today.

2. How does the Wireless Long Distance service work?
The service is very easy to use. All you need to do is dial the local access number in your area and then the number you would like to reach (there is no need to press “send” again). Click here for more details on the Wireless long distance service.
3. Do I have to register my wireless number to use the Wireless Long Distance service?
YES. If you do not register your wireless number, you will not be able to dial the local access number to make your long distance calls.
4. When making wireless long distance calls, where can I get the local access numbers from?
A complete list of the local access numbers is available here or you can call customer service.
5. Where will I receive my usage summary for my Wireless Long Distance calls?
Your wireless usage will be billed automatically to your account and the details of the charges will appear on your Usage Summary, which you can view online or receive by mail.

If you are a part of the Wireless 100 program, your statement will only be available to you online. The total charges appearing on your Usage Summary will automatically be billed to your account.

6. Can I use the Wireless Long Distance service from anywhere in the world?
The Wireless long distance service is limited to calls made from Canada within the dialing area of the local access numbers. You can call anywhere in the world. Click here to view the rates to overseas destinations.